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Shark Reef Aquarium
10:00am - 6:00pm
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
September 21
10:00am - 6:00pm
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino 3950 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada United States
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
$29 + Taxes & Fees - Lowest Price Guaranteed

$29 + Taxes & Fees - Lowest Price Guaranteed | One of the largest exhibits of its kind, The Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay houses more than 2,000 species of aquatic life including sharks, exotic fish and more. | 7 days/week 10:00am - 6:00pm @Mandalay Bay

Lowest Price Guaranteed: If you purchase your tickets via the following ticket link and later find a better price for Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay, the competitor's price will be matched and the difference will be refunded. That’s customer care you can count on.

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Housing more than 2,000 animals including sharks, exotic fresh and saltwater fish, massive sea turtles and much more. Shark Reef offers the aquatic experience of a lifetime. The ocean is probably the last thing people think of when they visit the dry desert of Las Vegas, but the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay changes that.

Shark Reef is reminiscent of an ancient temple slowly sinking into the ocean. The tunnel, which houses five species of sharks and the aquarium's largest animals, is designed to look like a sunken shipwreck. Here, visitors can witness a scuba diver's view of these mesmerizing creatures, including nurse sharks and Sandtiger sharks measuring up to nine feet long, and sandbar sharks that measure more than six feet in length.

In addition to the shark tunnel, guests can experience exhibits featuring crocodiles, freshwater fish, piranhas and much more.

Since many of us aren't planning to pet a piranha anytime soon, visitors can enjoy getting a "hands-on" experience with various stingrays, sharks and horseshoe crabs at the touch pool. (currently only available for viewing)

Also at the Shark Reef is an eight-foot-long Komodo dragon, the largest species in the lizard family. This particular Komodo lives within an environment similar to its habitat, complete with sand, heat regulating boulders and a pool.

Shark Reef's naturalists are available to answer any questions visitors may have.

Located at the end of the exhibit, Shark Reef's gift shop features an assortment of figurines, picture frames, trinkets and souvenir photos for those who took one right before the tour.

Their new VR Experience gives visitors the ability to swim with a humpback whale and her baby in Tonga or dive next to a 15-foot tiger shark in the Bahamas in a 36-seat motion platform VR theater complete with a sophisticated VR headset. Other activities at this hands-on experience include a hyper-realistic shark cage, the ability to learn about the anatomy of a humpback whale, learn the secrets of whale songs and track sharks around the world in real-time. The VR theater is for ages five and older. Children under five can experience the exhibit but must be accompanied by an adult.

Sharks: Blacktip reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks, bonnethead sharks, nurse sharks, sand tiger sharks, sandbar sharks, zebra sharks, coral cat sharks, and Galapagos shark.

Tropical and Fresh Water Fish: Several species of angelfish, puffer fish and tang fish, and venomous tropical fish including lionfish and foxface.

Reptiles: Golden crocodiles, green sea turtles and Komodo dragon.

Marine Invertebrates, Rays: California round, blue spotted masked stingrays, bowmouth guitarfish, green sawfish and Pacific sea nettle jellies.

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