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Foundation Room Nightclub & Lounge
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
October 05
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino 3950 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Las Vegas, Nevada United States
Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
Exclusive Free Guest List Entry (Limited Availability) & Bottle Service/Table Reservations Available

6:00pm - 1:00am Wed-Sun Nights @Top Floor of Mandalay Bay | Exclusive Free Guest List Entry (Limited Availability) & Bottle Service/Table Reservations Available

Guest list free entry does not include seating. Guest list entry groups must have at least as many ladies as guys in the group (Guys in excess of the number of ladies in your group may be required to pay general admission). Guest list is at the sole discretion of the venue.

Bottle Service/Table reservations start at $150-$300/person. The price for your reservation is your minimum spend commitment (will be credited towards your bar tab). Upon registering to attend, a Foundation Room host will contact you to provide the best possible options to meet the desires of your group.

About The Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay

When you come to the desert you naturally want to sit in a room adorned with a fireplace, warm lighting and exquisite rugs. We're actually not being sarcastic for once. That's totally what you want. And you can find it all at Foundation Room.

On the top floor of Mandalay Bay, high above the House of Blues, Foundation Room stands like a magic carpet owned by a quasi-Eastern gentleman with a penchant for bluesy club spaces. We say "club spaces" because the nightclub milieu with its DJ booth, dance floor, table service layout isn't exactly the atmosphere at Foundation Room. It's more of a club in the sense of a social space for partaking in beverages and discussing culture over the beats of a booming sound system.

This isn't the place to dance your brains out while grinding on the guy who's going to buy you a drink next. It's the place to relax on sofas or chairs or barstools that don't actually work that well as conga drums no matter how drunk you get. When you're looking for more socializing than socialites, Foundation Room is where you go to remember that clubs and rock 'n' roll don't have to be mutually exclusive -- the alluring list of guest performers and after parties from shows at the House of Blues prove that.

Then there's the view. We waited this long to talk about it because we like teasing you. That's also why we're including this additional, unnecessarily long and wordy sentence that has no other purpose than to keep you away from a description of the view for a few more seconds. Looking northward from the top of Mandalay Bay you can see the Vegas valley like nowhere else. It's the spot you want to stand when you need your vacation to mean something. And it's the party for the people who are old enough that they don't need to be told not to screw around on a balcony that's hundreds of feet off the ground.

With food, fun and a fantastic connection to the performances at House of Blues, Foundation Room is a social club that knows how to make a night of it. They also have private rooms and ladies nights every Friday and Saturday. So find your foundation, whatever craziness that might be, high above Las Vegas.

Dress Code: The Dress Code Policy is in place to maintain the sophistication of a selective club for professional and personal entertaining while embracing attire that fits within the genre we promote for our nightlife. To achieve that, all attire is welcome with the exception of shorts, sandals, hats, t shirts, sweatshirts, sports apparel, tank tops, sneakers and athletic shoes. Design and logo collared shirts, dress shoes, jeans and blazers are encouraged as long as the design is tactful and any markings are intentional from the designer.

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