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Black Magic Live
8:30pm - 10:00pm
The LaMarre Theater
October 07
8:30pm - 10:00pm
The LaMarre Theater 1510 South Main Street
Las Vegas, Nevada United States
From $46 + Taxes & Fees - Lowest Price Guaranteed

From $46 + Taxes & Fees - Lowest Price Guaranteed | 8:30PM FRI - SUN nights at The LaMarre Theater, 1510 S Main St (Downtown) | Get ready for an exotic male review featuring Vivica A. Fox's hand-picked studs.

Lowest Price Guaranteed: If you purchase your tickets via the following ticket link and later find a better price for the seats purchased, the competitor's price will be matched and the difference will be refunded. That’s customer care you can count on.


Grab your dolla, dolla bills and leave your man at home because Black Magic Live is coming to Vegas. Is it hot in here or is it just those washboard abs, sculpted shoulders and massive biceps... sorry, we got distracted for a second. What are we talking about again? We're always getting lost in their dreamy eyes.

More than mouthwatering men, Black Magic Live boasts some serious credentials. These talented hunks are the best and brightest exotic male dancers the country has to offer. Just ask Vivica A. Fox, she hand-selected these fine cuts of meat on her Lifetime show, “Vivica’s Black Magic.” These gentlemen are bomb dancers and are totes easy on the eyes, but they know when to get naughty, too –coincidentally at just the right time. And as Vegas' first all-African American revue, these boys are out to bring the sizzle.

Washboard abs, sculpted shoulders AND massive biceps?! Gahh, did we just die and go to heaven? Because we need this to be the rest of our lives STAT.

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