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15% Off Tickets | Regular $33, Sale Price $28 + Taxes & Fees - Lowest Price Guaranteed | Real Bodies showcases 20 whole-body specimens and over 200 organs and partial body specimens in an educational experience like none other. | Tickets & Previous Visitors' Reviews

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Grey’s Anatomy freaks – we mean fans – scrub in because we’re going deep under the skin to study all the parts of the body. Every piece of the body is revealed going through the exhibit, and when we say everything, we mean everything (use your imagination).

We’ve learned that heart surgeons are basically bomb technicians. The inner workings of the heart reminded us of explosive wires, blue, yellow and red. We decided against touching anything, so neither should you.

The attraction is filled with some fun facts and we’re going to tell you our favorites. Did you know a human bite force is 200 pounds per square inch or that babies are born with 300 bones but adults have 206? Well neither did we, pretty awesome if you ask us.  

And if by the end of it you become attached to the attraction, you can donate your body to the exhibit upon your death. We decided to go ahead and sign up a couple of our friends, we’re sure they will love that email.

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