Hip Hop Club Crawl & Party Bus | Unlimited alcohol is provided on Party Bus between clubs

Friday, February 14, 2020 from 09:30 pm

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Friday, February 14, 2020 from 09:30 pm
Las Vegas Hip Hop Hotspots
Regular Price $106.09, Our Discount $50 (53% Discount - Includes all taxes & fees)
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Groupon Las Vegas
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@Vegas | Regular $106.09, Our Price $50 (53% Discount - Includes all taxes & fees) | Purchase discounted tickets

48hr advance reservation required. 


Preferred entry to a series of Vegas’s most popping hip-hop clubs, including Hyde, Drai’s, Lavo, Tao, and Chateau; includes a party bus ride

What You'll Get

The Deal

Hip Hop Club Tour

  • The Experience: Nightlife experts escort groups in style through three to four of Vegas’s most popping clubs for a night of dancing and vibrant sights.
  • The Party Bus: Between clubs, the group boards a 40-passenger party bus to keep the nightclub atmosphere going between each stop.
  • The Clubs: Hyde, Drai’s, Chateau, The Bank, Lavo, Tao, and more
  • The Perks: Unlimited alcohol is provided and guests can bring drinks of their own during the ride. Each stop features drink specials and groups get to bypass all entry lines for a seamless flow between clubs.
  • The Dress Code: the general guideline is “dress to impress,” meaning leave the T-shirts and sneakers at home

About Supreme Club Tours

Welcome to Supreme Club Tours where on a nightly basis we take you on club tour/club crawl to 3 or 4 of the hottest clubs in Las Vegas. Come party with us and you will receive a true V.I.P experience. Enjoy walking right into the club, no waiting in those dreadfully long thirty minutes to an hour long lines. We even provide drink specials early on in the night in order to get the party started! It does not matter if you're by yourself, with a group of friends, with your lover, or your grandparents, the SUPREME Team guarantees you a night to remember. Our #1 goal is to make sure each SUPREME guest has such a great time that they want to come back on our tour and recommend us to everyone they know. We take pride in mingling with our guests and building new friendships. The Supreme team will provide you with your very own Professional host who will guide you past those notorious long club lines right into the hottest clubs in Vegas, while everybody else watches in envy. All you have to do is come out to have a great time and we will handle the rest.So come party with the Supreme Team, what are you waiting for.

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Cost and Tickets

Cost & Tickets

Regular Price $106.09, Our Discount $50 (53% Discount - Includes all taxes & fees)
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Groupon Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Hip Hop Hotspots

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